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  Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships ,

     How to Apply

  Applicants for eligible undergraduate or postgraduate courses will be assessed for any of the     Flinders Go Beyond Scholarships as part of their application for admission to Flinders University. For scholarship terms and conditions, eligible courses and application closing dates visit: between 17 1/2 and..

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    Real Life Begins at 18

     Real life begins at 18...

   Of all the ages I find the most difficult but endearing to work with it has to be the teens who are between 17 1/2     and..

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    Who needs a consultant with the Internet’s information at our fingertips?

     It is truly amazing to put a word or phrase into Google and get all of the information that one could possibly need! Really? The biggest question....

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    It's a matter of time...

     It’s a matter of time…

  In my former life as an admissions director, we had accepted Alex into our program for   September. Alex’s parents were....

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