usa Why Study in the USA?

Know Why Students Love Studying in the USA!

The USA having top-ranking universities offering outstanding facilities, i.e. scholarships, standard education, human rights, practical life experiences, research opportunities best academic environment, polite and understanding staff, gender equality etc.

USA permits you the flexibility of not determining your certification toward the starting unlike in numerous different destinations. You can join different subjects in the chosen field of study which provides you with the opportunity to examine your interests.

However before you plan to study in USA, you should know what the U.S. provides you:

✅ Upto 50% world’s top universities are in the USA

✅ Flexible education system

✅ Excellent support system for international students

✅ Research opportunities

✅ Cultural diversity

✅ Multiple academic programs


Reasons to Study In USA:

Are you Want to study in USA from Pakistan? We will know every student’s think of studying in the United States, and higher education in the United States is a dream for many students. Studying in the USA is a suitable option for students due to the following reasons:

✅ U.S. degrees have an excellent international reputation

✅ Benefit from great international student support

✅ Excellent support system for international students

✅ U.S. universities invest in optimised classroom experiences

✅ Discover a vast range of cultures

✅ Emphasis on internships & career advancement

✅ Availability of a wide variety of courses

✅ Career opportunities after studying in USA

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How Many Intakes do USA Universities Have?

There are 3 USA intake 2023 offered in the colleges and universities. The three intakes available in the USA are:

USA Study Visa Requirements for Students

F-1 Student Visa: F1 student visa for the USA allows you to study permit in the USA in full-time academic courses. Any authorized academic institute, college or university in the USA must accept you earlier to apply for F1 visa in the USA. 

M-1 Student Visa: If you intend to undertake non-academic, vocational training or a course at any institution in the USA then you need an M-1 visa.

USA Study Visa Process

The United States welcomes overseas students who wants to come USA for higher studies. Before applying for a study visa, all study visa applications are required to be accepted and approved by their Universities or Academic Institutes. Once study visa application approved, educational institutions will provide individual applicant the fundamental approval documentation to be submitted when applying for a student visa.

The visa process for the USA requires the help of experienced and professional advisor. Preparation For Life is a best Education consultants in Pakistan provide you with expert consultation making your process for studying abroad smooth and hassle-free.


Universities in the USA for International Students





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