Pioneering VCT in Pakistan!

 PFL is proud to announce Pakistan’s first Ever Virtual Counselling team! 
As professionals at PFL we are dedicated to empowering every student to accomplish academic success, personal growth, wellness and career exploration. It was after keen observation that we decided it was clear how students these days are becoming more comfortable with online social interactions. To meet this ever changing dynamic we have launched our VCT teams across Pakistan.
Based in the North and the South our team, consists of dedicated professionals from the industry. Our VCT offers all the benefits of a traditional in person counselling session along with:
Flexible Scheduling
Availability on the Popular Facebook, Website Chat box, Instagram, Snapchat and Skype Id's
Convenient access for Students and parents for gathering the right information before moving forward with the idea and much more!
This team will also be available for student access within cities.  For instance,  Regular Student Meetups, Education Expos within major and minor cities around Pakistan. The PFL VCT concept is a step up from the traditional implication of a VCT. Get in touch today with our teams to find out how we can are now - Virtually Yours.
PFL virtually yours!
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