Monash University visits PFL Ikeja Office

Barbara Butchart, representative of Monash University will be visiting our PFL Ikeja Office for student counselling and interview sessions. There will be advice on courses, scholarships, accommodation facilities, cultural activities, with fast tracked admission to the University. Please bring your original qualifications, passport, references and a flash drive (if possible). To book an appointment and more information.  
Register below or contact your local PFL Office for more details.

Date & Time
PFL Office Institution Delegate

7th May  

 PFL Ikeja Office  Monash University Barbara Butchart


Why attend the PFL Event?

  • Get advice on admissions to the Monash University.
  • Find out about different study options and how they may suit your career aims and ambitions
  • Find out about funding opportunities for academically excellent students
  • Get first–hand information about visa procedures and requirements
  • Find out about our very high visa success rate for student visas
  • Find out about work and post study working opportunities (between 1-3 years)
What if I cannot attend? What can I do to register with PFL to get information and advice on my future study options?

Don’t worry! If you cannot attend then we can still help you. Leave us some information about yourself by contacting us and we will guide you through the process.
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