Macquarie University - Better Chances for Nigerian Students


Macquarie University: Better Chances for Nigerian Students
Uniquely located in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, Macquarie brings together more than 40,000 students and 3000 staff in one thriving hub of innovation, education and discovery.  The campus spans 126 hectares, with open green space that gives our community the freedom to think and grow. With more than 300 global companies on campus or in the Macquarie Park high-tech precinct, students are able to tap into industry connections that give them an edge in their future careers, while the staff have access to outstanding research and innovation opportunities with some of the world’s leading organizations.
MQ students are considered partners and co-creators in their learning experience.  Their face-to-face experience is paired with sophisticated and interactive digital resources.  Their courses are linked to the latest research discoveries.  They are connected with industry partners through internships and work placements.  Many of the degree programs are designed in collaboration with industry and many are also accredited by peak professional bodies, giving students a head start on their careers.  Additionally, MQ offers students a package of career accelerator initiatives that educate, enable and empower them to launch a career in whatever field ignites their passion.
Why Nigerians Should Study at Macquarie
  • No need for English test. It is acknowledged that the formal langue for education in Nigeria is English and no need for any English tests except for Law, Public Health and Education Students
  • Beautiful Sydney.  Sydney is the most beautiful, exciting city in the world. Sydney is totally relaxed - great ambiance, nice and friendly cosmopolitan people.
  • Streamlined Admission Process. Macquarie only requires the fundamentals, no unnecessary hassles. Easy application and fast admission process.
  • Streamlined Visa Process. Macquarie University Applicants get their study Visa’s easily provided the necessary information is produced. The school also plays its role to provide all that is required in its power.
  • Wide Range of courses to choose from. Engineering & IT, Business, Education, Environment, Health &Medical Sciences, Law, Media & Communications, etc. Find a course here
The issues tackled at the annual summit were right on track with the needs and challenges of Nigerian applicants.
The new curriculum provided when implemented will accommodates applicants with a CGPA lower than 4.5 is a welcome development as many Nigerian applicants fall under this category.  Flexible entry requirements and a variety of study options will also help us to capture the Nigerian market.
The following were agreed upon at the just concluded summit.
Undergraduate Studies
Macquarie offers two undergraduate degree types
a. Generalist Degree Courses
b. Specialist Degree Courses
These degrees can be undertaken in one of two modes:
a. Single Degree
b. Double Degree
Upon graduation students will normally have their awards conferred upon meeting the requirements of both degree courses. Students who successfully complete a double degree program will receive two testamurs.
Admission Requirements
To be eligible to apply for an undergraduate program, you must have one of the followings:
  1. A recognized secondary (high school) qualification
  2. A recognized university foundation course
  3. A recognized two- or three-year diploma
  4. At least one year of a university degree from a recognized institution

Postgraduate Studies
Macquarie postgraduate courses can be offered in either full-time study or part-time study modes or both. Postgraduate degrees can be offered in three modes:
1. Single Degree
2. Horizontal Double Degree (Outside stated University exclusions students may choose
any combination of postgraduate degrees for which they are qualified to enroll. Students must gain entry to both courses. This can be at different admission points)
3. Vertical Double Degree
Admission Requirements for Masters
To gain admission the student must either:
a. Hold a cognate merit-based honours, Graduate Diploma or HDR degree
b. Hold two of the following three criteria:
i. A cognate bachelor’s degree
ii. Approved informal and/or nonformal prior learning
iii. Performance in their bachelor’s degree (cognate or non-cognate) of an MQ equivalent WAM of +65

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