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As an international student you will have many questions as you prepare for admissions through to applying for your visa and travelling to a new country to live.
Below we have listed some frequently asked questions. Answers to many of the questions can change depending on both you academic, financial and personal situation and we would strongly advise you to arrange a visa counselling session with our trained counsellors.

This information will and can change on a frequent basis and although we will do our upmost to keep our webpages fully up to date, you may wish to also visit the immigration website directly.

Can I work part time while studying in the UAE?
A student cannot work in the UAE when they are staying on a student visa to continue their studies.

Who can sponsor me to study in the UAE?
Your sponsor will be the respective institution where you will study.

Would I be eligible for Post Study Work visa in the UAE after my studies?
Yes, you may stay to work in the UAE after you finish your studies. Often, your institution will have a career services department to assist students with finding a job placements after studies. Note that they do not guarantee placements and if you are not successul in finding employment, you will need to return to your home country when your student visa runs out.

How much do I need to show in my bank account in order to be granted student visa?
You do not need to maintain a bank statement while applying for a UAE student visa.

How long does it take to be issued a student visa?
On average it can take 10 working days, although this may vary depending on the volume and whether you apply over national holidays.

When can I commence my studies in the UAE?
This depends on what course and university you would like to join. Unievrsities have various intakes, mostly in September, January, May.

Would I be required to write an English language proficiency test?
If you have appeared for a English language proficiency test e.g. IELTS, TOEFL while applying for admission then you do not require any additional tests.

Can I get scholarships to take care of my tuition fees and living cost?
Universities do have scholarship quotas however they are not guaranteed and are awarded on a competitive basis. You are advised to make arrangements of funds prior to enrolling at the institution.

Can I travel with my family to UAE?
Your family can accompany you to the UAE on a visitor/tourist.

Would I be interviewed by the embassy when I am applying for my visa?
Your institution will normally process your visa and arrange for the necessary offical documents on your behalf, such as Residence ID and Medical Health Card.

Will I be required to pay my complete tuition fees before my visa is issued?
Normally you are required to pay tuition fees covering one term to get the visa letter issued.

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