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PFL is one of the fastest growing international education consultancy services, with offices staffed by highly knowledgeable Counsellors and staff in Ghana,  NigeriaPakistan and UAE to give help and guidance to all who wish to study in UK and EuropeAustraliaNew ZealandCanadaUSA and the UAE.

We are committed to providing a high quality, value for money, independent professional service.


Lawrie Green

Having come out of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Lawrie’s parents both became teachers. Lawrie himself took a Bachelors of Education degree in the early 1990’s and enjoys Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to ‘A’ level standard in Business Studies and Economics. Having joined a private college as an International Officer in 1996/97, Lawrie then set up the fore-runner to PFL in October 1997 meaning that he enjoys around 20 years of relevant industry experience.

Contact details for Partner Relations

M Humayun Chaudhary

Partner Relations Manager
Australia, Canada, USA and UAE
PFL Education Pakistan
Vogue Towers Office # 3 Second Floor,
MM Alam Road, Gulberg
T +92 4235771475-78
M +92 308 8888932
S humayun.chaudhary.pfl

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